Sanitary Napkin Ministry

We support numerous children in the Masese slum in Jinja, providing funds for school fees and supplies. As part of this, we found that many girls end up missing a week of school a month once they reach puberty, due to a lack of inexpensive sanitary napkins. Many of these girls fall behind in school and ultimately drop out. The sanitary napkin manufacturing will help these girls stay in school to complete their educations, and will also provide employment for 4 women in the slums of Masese. Gateway Global Outreach Uganda (our NGO in Uganda) purposely rented larger office space in Jinja to house the manufacturing operation, and to store both raw material and finished product.

As of May 1, 2018, the equipment finally made it through customs and has been delivered to our office in Jinja.  The equipment had to travel by truck to a port of departure in India.  From there it traveled by boat to Nairobi, Kenya, and then via truck from Nairobi to Kampala, Uganda.  Finally, after all the customs fees, duties and taxes were paid, it finally made it to Jinja.

We are in the process of hiring a Production Manager for the manufacturing operation and will be negotiating contracts for the supply of the raw materials we need.  Once those are in place, we will be able to hire four (4) women from the Masese slum who will earn a living manufacturing the sanitary napkins.  Training on the equipment will be provided by another NGO operating in Northern Uganda that currently has the same equipment.  We will continue to provide updates as they are available.  Thank you for your prayers for this important ministry.