Family Empowerment Uganda

Families Empowerment - Richard and Suzan Angoma
Canaan Farm, Masindi, Uganda
Families Empowerment Uganda, has helped meet the needs of displaced families with the purpose of sharing God’s love through Jesus Christ. Many were moved by the plight of war-displaced families affected by Kony and the LRA and in northern Uganda, as well as the HIV/AIDS needs.

Richard Angoma is Vice-President of Gateway Global Outreach Uganda (our NGO in Uganda).

Learn more about Family Empowerment Uganda at the following link: Family Empowerment Uganda and via the video below.

The Story of Family Empowerment

In 2002 Family Empowerment Uganda, a Christian founded organization was started by Christians moved by the plight of war displaced families affected by the LRA conflict in northern Uganda and HIV/AIDS.

Located in the north western district of Uganda in Masindi, just two hours drive to Gulu district, FEM-Uganda has since it's formation helped meet the needs of families who are victims of war, poverty and disease with the purpose of sharing God's love through His son Jesus Christ.

The organization reaches out to the community through four broad activities:-

1.  Agriculture

2.  Evangelism

3.  Formal education

4.  Healthcare