Macedonia Vision Africa (MVA)

This ministry, led by Pastor Alfred Adundo, is centered in the Jinja slum of Masese. MVA provides food clothing and educational resources to the orphans and impoverished children in Masese. They are taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Word of God

MVA has recently finished construction on a vocation school, providing instruction and certification for:
  • Automotive Maintenance & Repair
  • Tailoring
  • Cosmetology (Hair Dressing)

They have also undertaken an additional building project to construct a Primary school. Four out of the 10 classrooms have been built and are under roof, however, they still require cement flooring, doors, windows and plastering of the walls inside and out. Pastor Alfred is looking for prayer partners as well as financial support to complete the schools, and to provide scholarships for the vocational students -- there are many who wish to go, but simply cannot afford it.

Please look back on this page soon, and we will have more information about the costs associated with both the building projects and for sponsoring the vocational students.

For more information, please contact