Bavuma Island Schools

Gateway Global Outreach has been supporting two schools on Bavuma Island, Uganda for the past several years, primarily through subsidizing teacher salaries. These schools are located in the villages of Mawanga and Butende. These schools provide primary education (pre-school and P1-P7) for over 400 students.

In about 2014, the government of Uganda made the Bavuma Islands a District. As such, they began to provide infrastructure for the island in terms of roads (there were no cars on Bavuma Island prior to this), and regular ferry service to and from the main island. As part of this, the installed a District Inspector of Schools in late 2016. Upon inspection of the schools we were supporting, the government determined that they are not up to the minimum standards that they require. For example, the schools only have actual classrooms each. To accommodate all the different grades being taught, the schools were doing several things:
  • They were both using a nearby church as a classroom
  • They were teaching under a tree with a blackboard propped up against the tree, and used benches for the students to sit on.
  • The teachers would use the three classrooms to teach P1-P3, and then these students would go outside while they taught P4-P7.
  • These workarounds are no longer acceptable to the government.
For that reason, it is now necessary for us to take on our largest project to-date -- this is a God-sized project. We need to do the following to bring the schools up to the government standards at each of the schools:
  • Build 6 new classrooms
  • Equip each of the classrooms with desks, blackboards, solar lighting, etc...
  • Provide separate latrines for boys and girls
  • Build a staff room for the teachers
  • Build a separate kitchen area
  • Purchase additional text books
  • and a number of smaller items.
We are in the process of determining a budget for how much each of these items will cost, and will be providing more information in the near future.