Bavuma Island Schools

Gateway Global Outreach has been supporting two schools on Bavuma Island, Uganda for the past several years, primarily through subsidizing teacher salaries. These schools are located in the villages of Mawanga and Butende. These schools provide primary education (pre-school and P1-P7) for over 500 students.

In about 2014, the government of Uganda made the Bavuma Islands a District. As such, they began to provide infrastructure for the island in terms of roads (there were no cars on Bavuma Island prior to this), and regular ferry service to and from the main island. As part of this, the installed a District Inspector of Schools in late 2016. Upon inspection of the schools we were supporting, the government determined that they are not up to the minimum standards that they require.

Bavuma Island Schools Update (June 2021) - Based on our actual visit to the schools: We met with the leadership of the Baptist Association and members of the school board at both primary schools located at Mawanga and Butende. We agreed on an accountability plan for moving forward with school improvements and a building plan for both schools.

Since the people have been on lock-down for the majority of 2020 and 2021 due to the coronavirus, people were desperate and vandalized the schools for anything they could sell or use. For this reason, most of the wooden desks are missing as these were used for fuel for cooking, along with many of the blackboards, and all the cooking utensils to cook for and feed the students. Even the teacher's books are gone. Additionally, all the interim wooden classrooms are completely gone.

One of our main purposes in making the trip at this time was to determine what shape the schools were in, so we could begin the process of rebuilding. We have asked the school boards to develop a prioritized list of items they need most, and corresponding budgets for each of the items. These requests will be vetted by our Accountability Board in Jinja, and once authorized, the requests will be sent to the GGO Board in the US to seek funding.

It is anticipated that it will take multiple years to bring the schools up to government standards (given their current state). If you feel led to support this ministry, please click on the "Donate" link at the bottom of this page, and then select "Bavuma Island Schools" as the program you wish to donate to.

This is one of the classrooms at the Mawanga school. All the other classrooms are in a similar state....some with blackboards and some without. The schools at Butende is in similar shape, and it also needs both doors and windows.