Gateway Global Outreach

June 2021 Update: Two members of our board just returned from Uganda on June 13, 2021. The coronavirus situation there continues to worsen. The country is currently unable to get more vaccines, and infection rates have risen from 100/day to over 1,700/day. For this reason, the government implemented stricter lock-downs that includes shutting down all public transportation, and implementation of a stricter curfew from 7:00pm to 5:30am. Additionally, intra-district travel has been stopped and is being enforced by police blockades. For those of you who haven't been there, you can think of districts as being similar to counties in the US. Additionally, all houses of worship have been shut down for 42 days, as well as all schools, including universities.

Coronavirus Relief: Since April of 2020, by the Grace of God, Gateway Global Outreach (GGO) has been providing coronavirus relief in the form of food donations. We have been providing funds to Pastor Alfred Adundo Wafula from Macedonia Vision Africa (MVA), who has been distributing food to the most vulnerable people in the Masese slum in Jinja, Uganda. Specifically, the food has been going to:

- Single teenage mothers,
- PWD - People with Disabilities, and the
- Elderly

Praise God that we have helped over 1,000 people. We are providing them with life sustaining food, including maize flour and beans.

Please pray particularly for the young women in the slum who are being taken advantage of by predatory men who are making promises of support in exchange for sex, resulting in many teen pregnancies and broken promises.

While we were in-country, we were able to help distribute food to the single teenage mothers and to People with Disabilities. Your contributions are saving these people from starvation, as the government has not, and is not, providing any form of stimulus or food stuffs to their people.

Below is a picture of Pastor Alfred delivering maize flour to a member of the PWD community.

We have also been blessed to be able to provide coronavirus relief in the form of salary assistance to a number of Ugandan pastors and also to the staff at Mission Vision Africa. With the churches and schools shut down, little to no money is coming in.

Bavuma Island Schools Update: We met with the leadership of the Baptist Association and members of the school board for both primary schools located at Mawanga and Butende. We agreed on an accountability plan for moving forward with school improvements and a building plan for both schools.

Since the people have been on lock-down for the majority of 2020 and 2021 due to the coronavirus, people were desperate and vandalized the schools for anything they could sell or use. For this reason, most of the wooden desks are missing as these were used for fuel for cooking, along with many of the blackboards, and all the cooking utensils to cook for and feed the students. Even the teacher's books are gone.

One of our main purposes in making the trip was to determine what shape the schools were in, so we could begin the process of rebuilding. We have asked the school boards to develop a prioritized list of items they need most, and corresponding budgets for each of the items. These requests will be vetted by our Accountability Board in Jinja, and once authorized, the requests will be sent to the GGO Board in the US to seek/provide funding.

Given the current state of the schools, it is anticipated that it will take multiple years to bring the schools up to government standards.

We will continue to update this page as additional information is learned. Please also look at the individual ministry pages for more detail and pictures/videos as they are available.