Gateway Global Outreach

Gateway Global Outreach was originally founded in 2001 as Gatekeepers International. In 2005, the name was changed to Gateway Global Outreach. We have done international mission work in Ecuador and Cuba, but most of our work has been done in Uganda, Africa. Over the years, those who go on mission trips to Uganda with us have asked to sponsor children so they can go to school. We have always worked to make that happen. Beginning in 2016, we felt God calling us to do more for more children. For that reason, we have created this website, in an effort to allow more people to easily sponsor and participate in what God is doing in these children's lives.

Your contribution of $28/month goes to pay for school tuition, uniforms, shoes, health needs and nutrition for a specific child. $10 per month will go directly to the school administrative funds to offset teacher salaries and school maintenance needs. We will strive to reduce this amount over time. Right now, the school fees alone do not cover the teacher's salaries and needed materials for teaching and facilities maintenance.

We are in the process of raising funds to expand two of the schools we support on Bavuma Island, Uganda. These schools are located in Mawanga and in Butende. They currently only have 3 classrooms each, and we must expand them to 9 each. In March 2017, we were able to have new desks built for the schools, and are in the process of building new latrines at the Butende school. There is much to do. Thank you for joining us in our journey.

President - Jeff McGurk

Vice President - John (Jay) Slough

Board Member - Doss Estep

Board Member - Rachel Mabry

Board Member - Stacy Baugh

Gateway Global Outreach, Inc.

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